Listed Property, Buckinghamshire

Accessible House Design – Contemporary extension to 17th Century thatched cottage


Primrose Cottage is 17th Century wychert and thatch listed building, nestled in the stunning Buckinghamshire countryside.

The original cottage was surrounded by a flat roofed 60-meter squared extension in the 1970s, while functional the client was keen to replace the existing extension with a more thoughtful, accessible and appealing design.

The house sits on the edge of an ancient bluebell wood, and naturally, the client wanted Lynn to take full advantage of the stunning backdrop and the beautiful cottage garden.

The brief was to design a space away from the demands of the clients profession to relax and regroup, a haven of tranquility. It was important that he had a home to return too that he immediately felt relaxed in. The extension needed to be fully wheelchair accessible and easy to move around in.

The challenge for the team was to ensure that while the house was inclusive the design wasn’t compromised in order to modify the house. You can have functional, and beautiful design.